I Light promises to be a guide along your journey in life by


fostering growth,


and transformation


through the use of a creative process and integrative therapies to live your life more fully.


Mission statement
Story Behind the Logo

The smallest of lights can make all the difference when someone may feel their light has gone out. This flame is here -as a flame is always giving-lighting another-without taking or losing any part of itself. When you're feeling a bit loss on your journey that flame is here at I Light LLC to guide you to keep going and make your way back home.  

While a Therapist may become that role guiding someone and a witness along the journey ultimately the goal is for people to reignite and carry their own light along the journey. To be the keeper of their own light within themselves.


If you have ever been hiking in mountains, your heart races, it can seem scary at times and there is a means of survival and resiliency; all aspects that can take place within a therapeutic process. No matter what mountain you are climbing every person's story is different. If anyone has ever hiked in the dark the need for even the smallest of light makes all the difference on your journey.  


When you read "I LIGHT" in your mind or out loud it is the empowering reminder that we are able to create and fuel our own light. 

What is Art Therapy?

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