When I first moved to Texas during this pandemic I received the question often, "How are you doing over there?" With so much happening in the world in general I felt so very blest and at the same time grief knocked on my door regularly like an old friend coming to visi...

When I received a message from a previous intern about being part of an art therapy panel discussion about how COVID has affected art therapists I was honestly delighted and excited to share my story. There has been a lot that has happened in the therapist and counseli...

Recently, two questions have been brought to my attention that had me thinking for quite a while: 

What’s it like being an art therapist during a pandemic?


How should I respond to the world right now? 

Immediately I took a deep breath and thought - (insert deep breath)...

I lost it.

I cried and I couldn’t stop, I woke up at 3:40am with tears in my eyes. I cried in my sleep and the next morning I cried more.

I think it was everything.

It was the move during a time of concern that even rest stops wouldn’t be open as I made my way from Michig...

When Covid-19 started to wave through the United States and I first learned of places shutting down the first thing that crossed my mind were those in recovery and fighting against addiction. Then my mind when to those in domestic violent situations, child abuse and th...

Sometimes I have blogs sitting for a while until I think it's time to share and lucky for me a while back when I asked for an opinion to my pleasant surprise it was featured on a blog by CrossFit 616. Sitting here and receiving messages about art therapy has...

It was noticed I have been quiet on social media here I want to say thank you for the messages inquiring if I was alright. The truth is there has been a lot on my mind during my transition and move from Michigan to Texas. Trust me hours of driving during a time of quar...

Earlier this January, I stayed at the River House in Monroe, MI as I was hosted as a leader for a day of creative reflection and growth. This day served IHM Sisters, associates and community members. I was honestly excited to see Sister Paula again, but little did I kn...

October 14, 2019

I have been asked on several occasions, "Why did you become an art therapist?"

This same conversation was had while I was doing post graduate supervision. It comes up with us art therapist usually because we may question why we continue a career field with all the barri...

Recently, I have been cleaning house literally and metaphorically. While going through a nightstand (that I cannot even recall what year I last opened it) I found several hidden gems from high school ID’s to pictures, and the last Birthday card I received with my grand...

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