October 14, 2019

I have been asked on several occasions, "Why did you become an art therapist?"

This same conversation was had while I was doing post graduate supervision. It comes up with us art therapist usually because we may question why we continue a career field with all the barri...

Recently, I have been cleaning house literally and metaphorically. While going through a nightstand (that I cannot even recall what year I last opened it) I found several hidden gems from high school ID’s to pictures, and the last Birthday card I received with my grand...

It started when I landed at 4:15pm in Dallas on Wednesday, July 10. The plan was to be landed in Grand Rapids at midnight …well life had another idea in mind. 

Once I finally boarded at 4pm on Thursday someone asked me where I came from and I said Palm Springs yesterday...

If you follow I Light's journey via social media accounts, facebook and instagram, you may have noticed I was up to something and there is a bit of a behind the scenes story how it evolved. 

Back Story

I saw my first loom on wheels while attending Mount Mary University's...

"Creating forces us to let go of expectations, we learn to become more comfortable in the unknown so in which case art is an act of practicing faith."-Leara Glinzak, ATR, MSAT

Recently, I had a solo show at Dominican Center which personally brought up some things for me as well. This would be my third solo show and while I have had art pieces shown in other gallery spaces I hadn't spent my energy in showing my art in a while for many reasons...

There was a time I felt completely lost mentally and emotionally so I went and got lost in another country. While being lost I have never felt so much at home.

I felt more comfortable in “lost” than I did in my own house.

I recognized my body as my home internally felt l...

November 22, 2018

These are the some of the questions that keep me up at night and some of the same thoughts I have with dear friends over coffee. From the business, to the studio, to what didn't I get to tackle on my to do list today, to making sure those who work for I Light LLC are a...

November 12, 2018

Whether it be professional or personal I cannot begin to tell you how many times I have been scared and the moments I felt so uncomfortable I could get physically sick. Feeling scared is going to be a part of life but I didn't realize on November 3rd I was about to get...

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