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Resiliency Found in Creativity

I Light LLC, Therapy Blog- Resiliency Found in Creativity

I stared at the whiteboard in front of me day in and day out. My computer faced this board and I thought this is my “view” so what do I want it to consist of? So I surrounded the board with thank you notes, motivational quotes and pictures of those that are meaningful to me in my life. The exterior edge of the inside of the board was outlined with all the dates and to do’s that awaited their scratched through line signifying “completion.” Then as soon as an item was erased another took it's place. I stared at this every day: the tasks, the weight on my plate. Behind me was the inspiration: all of the artwork and overflowing portfolios longing to be viewed and honored.


The artwork literally had my back, it was my support but I couldn’t see it I could only feel it.


I could feel resiliency aching to belong in my life, and I needed to cultivate a new view. I was at a point where the list of items got longer and all the things I was passionate about were being pushed behind me. When we look into the future facing forward all I saw was that list. I was losing my independent thinking. The view I had became a reflection on myself.

So I erased the entire list, of course after documenting it onto post it notes and I started to draw on the whiteboard, and it kept growing; both the list and the art piece. This piece grew so large I had to physically kneel onto my desk. Then squat onto my desk. Then stand on my desk. Then hunch my back standing to get to the top of the board.

It was physically exhausting, but it didn’t stop me. I kept going.

When I was in a squat position drawing and my legs were aching I didn’t stop creating. Every day I walked into that space and I was excited to be greeted with this view. I no longer saw the never ending list waiting for me.


Now I saw potential

Now I saw resiliency

Now I saw courage

Now I saw hope

Now I saw inspiration

Now I saw transformation


Most importantly, I didn't just see these things, I felt them too. They were no longer behind but literally in my face and my lens daily.

The view I faced where once I felt uninspired, not “good enough” and overflowed with things that didn’t align with my passions were now replaced with potential, resiliency, courage, hope, inspiration and transformation. This image acts as a reminder of my own resiliency and let me tell you it’s a much better view too.

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