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Running Wild

I Light LLC, Therapy Blog- Running Wild

Freedom is a gift. There have been times I got lost and didn't even recognize that I had allowed my own freedom to be taken away by allowing external factors to override my passions. Yes, I say allow, because I allowed this to happen to myself. In the moment I didn't recognize it but somewhere along the way I felt trapped by the standards I needed to conform and contort within. While living within the framework of the definition of freedom we can still feel our lives boxed in by routines, schedules, other people's agendas, etc. which in the long run doesn't feel quite like a free being, but one that has fallen into the trap to fit within a specific outline. I would never want to see that happen to you and I thought how dare I let this happen to myself-neither you or I deserve to put ourselves in those situations.

So I decided I was no longer going to allow myself to live within the constraints. After making some much needed changes I was craving some alone time. During this moment I was off on a snowshoe trip with some girlfriends and when we arrived to our room I looked out and there it was, the beach laid before me as a blank snowy canvas. It looked so pure calling to be engaged and interacted. The possibilities of creating a path were endless-I could go anywhere. I immediately placed on my boots, never grabbed a coat or gloves and took off.


I ran towards it as if running towards a lifetime of all of my wildest dreams. I ran in circles, skipped, jumped, danced, laughed and then I stopped.

I breathed, looked around and took off again with my arms in the air. I even made a snow angel-yes without wearing a coat and gloves. Now I did take a second to think about it, and then I thought what the heck-why not and plopped backwards into the snow. It didn't matter. I was so lost in freedom, so lost in being alive and living in a moment making my own path the coat and gloves didn't matter.

I Light LLC, Therapy Blog- Running Wild

My hope is that you live with the joyful energy of a child running through your veins. That you feel alive. Throw your arms in the air and take off-

Run in circles. Laugh. Heck even scream. Skip. Jump. Dance. Explore.

Stop and look around, upward, downward, ahead.


Take off again. Live your life, don't wait to live because this life doesn't last forever- it has always been impermanent and you have the rest of your lifetime before you. The ground lays before you and the sky is calling. What are you waiting for?

Take off. Own your life.

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