A Homeless Man Offered Me Food

September 8, 2017


A homeless man offered me food

I am someone who knows where my next meal will come from

-And yet he offered me his food


He is probably hungry

-And yet he offered me his food


He is probably tired

-And yet he offered me his food


He would most likely be more hungry than me later-

I'm not sure he even knows where his next meal will come from and when?

-And yet he offered me his food


He asked if I was hungry and proceeded to offer me chips and cookies from the food he had


I can’t get this situation out of my head-here my entire life I have seen signs from those who are homeless asking for money and food

But this-

This felt backwards


He doesn’t know me, but he cares about sharing 


In a world where it can be hard to see empathy, humanity or glimpses of kindness here is someone with what the world would consider less than what I have and he is giving me more


Giving me food because he thought I may be hungry




What if we became hungry to share with others? 




What about nutrients to feed our souls?



What this man gave me was hope-I was hungry and didn’t know it.


He fed me:


Hope in sharing

Hope in kindness

Hope in humanity


Author: Leara Glinzak MSAT LLC



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