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Blest with a Flat Tire

I Light LLC, Therapy Blog - Blest with a Flat Tire

Not even three weeks ago, I got blest with a flat tire.

In the moment I did not feel "blest" but as the events unfolded it was exactly what I needed to happen in my life.

It had been "one of those" weeks and all I wanted to do at 8pm was to go home and do more work.

There I was just a second ago driving on the road and then I heard a snap/pop like the sound of a stick snapping.

Now to back-up to a month ago I was talking with my family and I shared how I have never changed a tire on my jeep and I should practice. So perhaps it was the world granting me my wish and desire to learn.

Either way there I was

As I made the turn towards a quieter road to pull off to the side I looked and well you can say there was no need in attempting to pump it with air.

Just as soon as I went to get out my spare I looked at the jack and could not figure the darn thing out. I felt like that stereotype-the girl with a flat tire standing on the side of the road.

So yep I did the next thing you can imagine: I called my Dad who was luckily in town that day.

While waiting, a gentleman insisted on stopping by and offered to help-after much reassurance that I was alright he stayed. He tried to pump my tire back up and while it didn't work I was thankful he tried.