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Blest with a Flat Tire

I Light LLC, Therapy Blog - Blest with a Flat Tire

Not even three weeks ago, I got blest with a flat tire.

In the moment I did not feel "blest" but as the events unfolded it was exactly what I needed to happen in my life.

It had been "one of those" weeks and all I wanted to do at 8pm was to go home and do more work.

There I was just a second ago driving on the road and then I heard a snap/pop like the sound of a stick snapping.


Now to back-up to a month ago I was talking with my family and I shared how I have never changed a tire on my jeep and I should practice. So perhaps it was the world granting me my wish and desire to learn.


Either way there I was

As I made the turn towards a quieter road to pull off to the side I looked and well you can say there was no need in attempting to pump it with air.


Just as soon as I went to get out my spare I looked at the jack and could not figure the darn thing out. I felt like that stereotype-the girl with a flat tire standing on the side of the road.

So yep I did the next thing you can imagine: I called my Dad who was luckily in town that day.

While waiting, a gentleman insisted on stopping by and offered to help-after much reassurance that I was alright he stayed. He tried to pump my tire back up and while it didn't work I was thankful he tried.

Eventually my Dad showed up and there he was exhausted from ripping carpet out, and he was there to help me. After looking over the manual of course he insisted on doing all the labor.


After getting it jacked all of a sudden the car started to roll backwards.

The jack popped out and there we were.

Left to start over.


It was starting to get dark and then a police officer showed up and offered to help.

Then the neighbor across the street came over, and apologized to me for not noticing my flat earlier.

Let me say that again: He apologized to me for not being able to help me sooner.


My mindset all day had been defensive and protective due to the area of town a white female carrying a computer walking alone automatically is in a vulnerable position.

I do not like to ask for help not out of pride but because of feeling my own guilt asking for help. Especially being in a heightened independent mindset all day I had to let my own guard down.

If I was going to get anywhere I had no choice but accept the offers extended to me.


People wanted to help me-and I was shocked

I had pushed my tires too far and probably my own self that I needed that flat tire as a reminder:

forced me to stop and take care of my tires-and take a deep breath for myself

forced me to take down my guard

forced me to receive help

forced me to realize that their are good people in this world

forced me to realize I can't do all things on my own

forced me to realize more can get accomplished when people come together

Originally, the flat tire was an inconvenience but in actuality it quickly became a blessing.

Just four days later I was to take a trip to Virginia by myself-imagine if that were to have happened on that trip-now that would have been much more of an inconvenience

How many times have you needed a flat tire or something to make you stop in your tracks to take a breath?

To stop?

To see the good?

Sometimes we need to refill our bodies and souls with the necessities to keep moving, keep driving, and cruising along but if we don't I hope those "inconveniences" can become blessings in all our lives.

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