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If the Studio Burnt Down What Happens to I Light LLC?

These are the some of the questions that keep me up at night and some of the same thoughts I have with dear friends over coffee. From the business, to the studio, to what didn't I get to tackle on my to do list today, to making sure those who work for I Light LLC are able to see a projection to thrive in the future, etc. Here it is almost midnight the night before Thanksgiving and these are the questions pressing my mind still-and my one response I have is:


I took a hard look at what watered the growth to this practice, and I began to look at what those core values and the themes they include. There were several themes following connection, community, unity, ethical Art Therapy practices, advocacy, education, versatility in modalities, etc. I Light LLC has an art therapy studio as well but it recently occurred to me thanks to a fellow soul sister conversation over coffee and advocate toast that if the studio burnt down I Light would still exist. As terrifying as that sounds it got me questioning what exactly is I Light LLC? And perhaps I Light LLC is more than the mural mountain walls and somehow has found a way to permeate it's light outside these walls as well. The studio then I realized became a goal to expand services and fell under the core values but I Light LLC was already something more and was in existence before the studio became part of this practice. This practice exists because it started with a passion to provide ethical Art Therapy standards of practice to influence and help others best meet their needs. I Light LLC didn't start in a studio and really no physical space at all- it started as an idea spreading throughout a community with a cold call from me- where I best aligned my practice with those who had similar missions as well and depending on the response may determine if growth could take place or it would grow from me receiving a cold call from another person who had gotten my name and was looking for Art Therapy services.

I Light LLC could not exist without the community.

Even with that said, I Light LLC Art Therapy Studio may exist in Grand Rapids, but when we speak of community here we speak on a larger expanse-you may not know that I Light LLC provides services in Battle Creek, has given presentations out of state at national conferences and has even