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Traveling Loom-What's the point?

If you follow I Light's journey via social media accounts, facebook and instagram, you may have noticed I was up to something and there is a bit of a behind the scenes story how it evolved.

Back Story

I saw my first loom on wheels while attending Mount Mary University's graduate art therapy program I interned at a Retirement community where we were hoping it would appeal to residents and increase relationships among assisted living and skilled nursing. By creating a space for the loom it grew and as it did barriers between assisted living and skilled nursing were breaking down as well. The process to be part of the loom looked different depending on cognitive and physical needs of each person but mistakes were embraced and so was a connection with others.

My first job after graduate school was in a Retirement community where I noticed exclusion among the different areas of care. As we explored ways of how our department could help increase building relationships among all the areas of care I suggested a loom on wheels. Knowing it was not in the budget to purchase I offered to build one and to be honest I was told it was a "stupid idea." So it went to the side...well at that time it did.....this was about four years ago.


Being in my own practice I Light started by providing services throughout the Grand Rapids area and I noticed the same issues: