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Why I Continue being an Art Therapist: Because there was a time I needed one

I have been asked on several occasions, "Why did you become an art therapist?"

This same conversation was had while I was doing post graduate supervision. It comes up with us art therapist usually because we may question why we continue a career field with all the barriers we face. Usually answers may include the highlights, progress and aha moments our clients are able to experience as a result of art therapy. I usually share I had a desire to to find a helping profession that I can utilize my creative identity and art making. While at a college fair I learned of art therapy and thought this may be the field for me.

Now that I am an art therapist I still do question why do I continue being an art therapist? What is it about this field that keeps me here?

Well I think there is truth to a piece of my own life because when I was 7 years old I wish I had an art therapist. I wish someone told my parents I needed an art therapist. Perhaps there is a piece of me that hopes this field continues to grow and someday someone will say to that person in need, "Have you thought about seeing an art therapist?"

Through my 7 year old eyes:

I wish I had an art therapist.