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Making Art is not Art Therapy: Differences between Coping and Therapy

Sometimes I have blogs sitting for a while until I think it's time to share and lucky for me a while back when I asked for an opinion to my pleasant surprise it was featured on a blog by CrossFit 616. Sitting here and receiving messages about art therapy has brought me back to this piece and it seems now more than ever may be the appropriate time to share.

To be honest, it is so exciting to see people fall on the arts and physical fitness as coping skills during this time. Whether that's making art making, music, dancing, cooking, home improvement, gardening, working out, I am a firm believer that creativity and creative thinking are essential to survival and more often now we are seeing people utilize these things for coping, comfort, distraction, relaxation, hope and connection.

And before this pandemic often I would hear or see on social media:

“Going to the gym is my therapy” “Had some therapy with my friend over coffee”