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I Lost It: Visual Story through my Grief

I lost it.

I cried and I couldn’t stop, I woke up at 3:40am with tears in my eyes. I cried in my sleep and the next morning I cried more.

I think it was everything.

It was the move during a time of concern that even rest stops wouldn’t be open as I made my way from Michigan to Texas It was picking my key up on a rug that stated, “welcome”

It was getting wrongfully towed, chasing and catching a tow truck that wouldn’t stop within less than 24 hours of arriving to my new apartment

It was the first night trying to get my jeep back in a place new to me

It was ending up in a scrap yard at one point It was being laughed at and called a liar

It was concern so much inside of me that I felt the need to lock myself in a rental van and hold my pocket knife blade out in my hand

It was the puddles on the floor from a broken refrigerator and freezer It was the microwave that I couldn’t use

It was the arguments on the phone for hours saying why having food is an emergency

It was the 23 fraud charges on my card I had to dispute for over four hours

It was closing my cards

It was having no friends or community It was feeling lost

It was not knowing which mailbox was mine

It was bringing up past feelings of abandonment It was sleeping in a sleeping bag on concrete floor until I could find a bed

It was not having almost anything of mine here to remind me of who I am