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The Gift From The Tree

When I first moved to Texas during this pandemic I received the question often, "How are you doing over there?" With so much happening in the world in general I felt so very blest and at the same time grief knocked on my door regularly like an old friend coming to visit. I shared in a post (I Lost It: Visual Story Through My Grief) about how I saw my art revealing my process through a tree and bubble art. So as promised here is a continuation of that process and because this journey is ever changing it's not exactly completed this is just where it is in the present moment.

To pull in from the previous post I had explained I lived by this tree that I learned is a Resurrection Tree and this stunning greenery that grows on the tree doesn't harm the tree it just adds to it. I refer to this growth as the bonus. During my time here I have been blest to receive bonuses in my own life all from amazing and loving people I have had the pleasure of crossing paths with. They have been my bonus-life still happens without these people but they add so much growth, magic and joy to my life.

While I did this image of the tree back in May I do not believe it was ready to be listened to yet. I found myself exploring aspects of the tree that my eye felt drawn to in March and April I saw my grief timeline in one and in another I saw the transition of my identity shift both professionally and personally.