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You are Invited! Special Edition Tapestry

Author: Leara Glinzak, ATR-BC, MSAT

You are invited to be part of a virtual tapestry no matter where you are at in this world or what you are going through you are invited.

You are invited to add a piece of your own story, a message you would like to send to the world or an image you’d like to create. If you are interested keep scrolling for details.


We have seen during this pandemic a spike in creativity. Creativity may be a way of coping or problem solving. During this pandemic we are all going through various hardships and on my drive down from Michigan to Texas in mid March I thought about the goal and purpose of The Traveling Loom. This project had become an international project to foster connection, community, inclusion and unity. During this pandemic wherever you may be it seems now more than ever we need connection, community, inclusion and unity. I played with the idea of how can I make this tapestry follow a standard that tailors towards material use and follow best practices for consent while reaching a group of people.

After having a meeting with infection control I took the knowledge I learned and decided to apply that same knowledge to this tapestry.

A pandemic has shifted the way art therapists use materials and I want to follow this same standard to demonstrate despite the limitations a pandemic may have on the impact of creativity, creativity still thrives.