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You are Invited! Special Edition Tapestry

Author: Leara Glinzak, ATR-BC, MSAT

You are invited to be part of a virtual tapestry no matter where you are at in this world or what you are going through you are invited.

You are invited to add a piece of your own story, a message you would like to send to the world or an image you’d like to create. If you are interested keep scrolling for details.


We have seen during this pandemic a spike in creativity. Creativity may be a way of coping or problem solving. During this pandemic we are all going through various hardships and on my drive down from Michigan to Texas in mid March I thought about the goal and purpose of The Traveling Loom. This project had become an international project to foster connection, community, inclusion and unity. During this pandemic wherever you may be it seems now more than ever we need connection, community, inclusion and unity. I played with the idea of how can I make this tapestry follow a standard that tailors towards material use and follow best practices for consent while reaching a group of people.

After having a meeting with infection control I took the knowledge I learned and decided to apply that same knowledge to this tapestry.

A pandemic has shifted the way art therapists use materials and I want to follow this same standard to demonstrate despite the limitations a pandemic may have on the impact of creativity, creativity still thrives.

I am grateful to be able to present The Traveling Loom at the AATA Conference 2020 as this seemed to help light a fire for me to get myself thinking…why not? Why not try? Why not go for it? The tapestry when finished looks like a page of journal or a diary and at a time when we are processing through various creative outlets whether it be art, play, movement, writing etc. and a material that meets standards paper seemed most appropriate when complete it will be as if a page a journal has been created from people’s messages or images all over.

Details to participate:

For your message or image to become a part of the virtual traveling loom you must also complete this statement towards the bottom of this blog with your name and date then send this as a private message via facebook I Light LLC, instagram as a direct message to I Light LLC or email with subject title as “VIRTUAL LOOM PARTICIPANT” with your message or image you would like in the loom. Please know this tapestry will be completed when it is full this is a first come first serve basis and I will continue to upload images and videos on social media.

Details to note about your text or image:

If your message or imagery is more than 3.5 feet long it may be reconsidered to be part of the final tapestry. You do not have to write any identifying information with your words or image. If you choose to draw your image please know if you choose color it may print differently than you expect and black is preferred to maintain the integrity of the imagery. The text or image must be no wider than 2 inches in width and no longer than 3.5 feet as your image will need to be printed from a computer and then I will have to piece it together and weave it into the tapestry constructed in pieces as it is printed. All text will be written in a black sharpie.

In this image here the top paper strip is 1 inch thick and the second is 2 inches thick these strips will vary in size in width between 1-2 inches depending what is sent.

THIS TEXT MUST BE INCLUDED to have your message or image considered for this project. If this message is not included your piece cannot be included.

I, ____(insert name)_____ on ___(insert date)____, am giving consent for my message and/or image to be part of The Traveling Loom project. By doing so I am agreeing that it is up to the discrepancy of I Light LLC, Leara Glinzak ATR-BC MSAT, to include the message or image sent and I am giving consent for the following:

Educational purposes

Research purposes

Marketing purposes

Presentations and Conferences

Social Media exposures

Media exposures

Exhibitions virtual and in person

If under 18 must have a guardian sign:

Guardian Signature: (insert name)_____________________________________

Relationship to participant:(insert name)_________________________________

Date: (insert date)________

If you feel comfortable please right your city you are sending from so we can share where messages are coming from if you do not feel comfortable writing the city you are sending from please leave this blank.



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